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About MegaPro Nutrition and Weight Training Products

You train hard! You accept nothing less than your best each training session. You demand results from a disciplined workout plan. Using nutritional sports supplements from Mega-Pro will help you achieve the muscle strength, endurance, and mass that you expect and push fiercely to achieve. Utilizing the cutting-edge science behind Mega-Pro’s complete family of products, you will be amazed at the results.


Magnum Whey II - Powders and Proteins



Powders - Protein
Make the most of your training. Increased protein intake is essential to adding and maintaining muscle mass.


Amino 2200 - Amino Acids



Amino Acids
Amino Acids are the basic building blocks of muscle tissue. They are vital in creating, building, and maintaining muscle.

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Carbo Hit - Energy and Endurance Supplements



Energy / Endurance
Mega-Pro’s line of energy & endurance are a balanced range of complex carbohydrates to give your workout that extra boost.


Mega Cut Fat Burner - Diet and Weight Loss Supplements



Diet / Weight Loss
Mega-Pro’s line of dietary products range from Carbohydrate blockers to Chitosan products which block the absorption of fat in digestion.


Joint Balm - Specialty Supplements



Specialty Products
Our line of specialty products range from joint care to xtreme performance enhancements. Designed specifically for the demands of the active lifestyle in all of us.


CEE - Muscle Builders


Muscle Builders

Products to increase insulin, heighten libido, and enhance a man’s unique system. These products are designed for active individuals who demand the most from themselves and their supplements.