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Diet Guide

The Benefits of this Guide
will be felt almost immediately. Learn and understand the how's and why's first. Then put the nutritional guide and the workout guide to the test. Many diets fail to provide adequate levels of calories and nutrition to maintain your body structure which results in catabolism (breakdown) of muscle tissue. This guide will help you realize healthy eating. You will be less hungry, more alert, and have more energy than before. Your immune system will be strengthened and your disposition between meals will improve. And yes, you will lose body fat and feel healthier than ever. Always eat the very best foods available - that means the freshest, most wholesome, least processed foods you can. The daily diet should emphasize whole grains and cereals, legumes, dark orange and leafy green vegetables, lean meats, chicken, fish and some fruit. From a fitness standpoint (considering availability, nutrient content, ease of preparation, fat content, anti- oxidative capabilities, and taste), the ten foods that should be on every shopping list include: egg whites, sweet potatoes/yams, broccoli, tuna, oatmeal, bananas, turkey breast, whole wheat pasta, carrots, and legumes.

Fats Okay

Fear of fats has lead to the carbohydrate craze. Americans are fatter than ever. The media blitz on the dangers of dietary fats (high cholesterol levels, heart disease, and obesity) had us all shunning fats and going overboard on fat-free but high glycemic carbohydrates (starchy foods and breads). And we are now fatter than ever! Why? High glycemic carbohydrates produce a quick rise in blood sugar levels which in turn created high insulin levels. Insulin is a storage hormone that is triggered when you eat an abundance of carbohydrates. Insulin will shuttle excess carbs to cells to be stored. At the cell site, these carbs can be converted to fat. Elevated insulin not only blocks the body’s ability to burn stored body fat for energy, but shuttles off excess calories to be stored as fat. High insulin levels will also create a rapid fall in blood sugar levels for which the brain (fueled by blood sugar) now sends an urgent message to the body that it needs more energy (in the form of carbohydrates) and the roller coaster ride is on. Fats are important. Our bodies have the capacity to synthesize saturated and unsaturated fatty acids but not the important polyunsaturated fatty acids (olive, peanut and safflower oils). For this reason, we must consume some polyunsaturated fatty acids in our diets.


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