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Workout Guide

This Workout Guide provides
fundamental knowledge to those who are seriously interested in and committed to building and conditioning their bodies. You will find straight-forward information concerning all aspects critical to building and maintaining an extraordinary physique. Choose a routine from the list and get going!

The Mega-Pro® workout is a compilation of various lifting movements designed to break down muscle fiber. Combined with proper nutrition, supple- mentation and rest, it will produce positive results in muscle size and strength. This is a very intense bodybuilding workout that requires extreme concentration and exertion. The exercises that are prescribed in this workout are the sameones used by many of today's pros. By combining consistency with intensity you will be training the same way the pro's do.

Building a Great Physique

A well proportioned, balanced physique requires a combination of strength training (resistance training) along with a cardiovascular exercise program. Combining both aerobic activity with weight training will produce the best and most lasting physical results.

Focus on the functional benefits of exercising first and the physical appearances will follow. Improve the quality of your life as well as the quantity. It is not rocket science, building muscular strength increases your metabolic rate thus allowing you to burn more calories/fat calories than with less strength. Your cardiovascular training not only strengthens your heart, but it also allows you to burn "fat" calories. First you need to make a fitness goal and then you can move forward with a functional plan for your needs.


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