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Workout Guide
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Basics of Weight Training

Always wear a lifting belt and use a spotter while performing this exercise. Stand in front of a squat rack with your feet placed squarely under the bar. Grip the bar with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width in a pronated (overhand) grip.

Place upper back in center of bar. The bar should rest across the posterior deltoids and middle of the trapezius. Chest is held up and out while shoulder blades are pulled together. Using your legs, lift the bar from the rack. Step back one small step and position your feet approximately shoulder-width apart with your toes pointed slightly outward.

You should look straight ahead and keep your feet flat on floor throughout the movement. Bend your knees so that you descend slowly and almost as low as possible. Your ultimate goal will be to squat to a position where your thighs will be almost parallel to the floor. As you descend, keep your torso erect and your hips directly under the bar at all times.

Do not allow your hips to drift backward or your torso to lean forward. The weight should remain over the middle of your feet. Never relax and drop swiftly or bounce into the squatted position. Contract your muscles evenly throughout the movement. Rise up and out of the squatted position again keeping your torso erect and your hips under the bar. Use a slow, controlled movement and avoid "jamming" the bar up at the top of the ascent. Do not round your back and pull your knees together during this exercise.


Hack Squats
Position yourself on a squat machine with your shoulders under the pads, and your toes pointed outward. Keeping your eyes fixed straight forward and back pressed against pad, begin bending your knees and lower (with resistance) the weight until you are in a squatting position. Do not bounce at the bottom. Press yourself upward with your legs only, stopping just before full extension. Return to full squat position immediately.

As you do your "reps" try to establish a rhythm so there is never any marked stopping point--you move continuously up and down like a piston. Do not lock your knees at the top of the movement and maintain even, constant pressure on the muscles. For variety, point toes out (more emphasis on inner thighs) point toes in (more emphasis on outer thighs). Keep head up and back flat against pads.

Stand holding a barbell across your shoulders and your feet about shoulder width apart. Keep your head up, back straight, and chest high and thrust forward. "Lunge" or step forward, with one foot, bending your knees, and bring your trailing knee almost to the floor. Push yourself back up to the starting position with one strong, but not jolting, thrust that brings your feet back together. Repeat the movement stepping forward with the other foot. Lunges work the thigh, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Avoid striding too far or too little forward. Keep head up and your eyes looking straight forward throughout the exercise.

Leg Press
Position yourself on the leg press machine, feet against the cross piece platform, shoulder width apart. Release the weight safety. Hold and lower the weight by bending your knees toward your chest/shoulder area. Bring the weight down until the hips start to rotate up and back. Stop before the rotation begins (approx. 90 degrees), and press the weight back up again until your legs are fully extended, but not completely locked out. You want to stop lower the weight once the hips begin to rotate back in order not to lose the arch in the lower back as this could predispose you to a lumbar disc injury. Avoid pushing on your knees with your hands. For variation point toes inward and outward.

Leg Extension
Seat yourself on a leg extension machine. Hook your feet under the padded bar. Move the weight by straightening your legs. Extend your legs completely. This will allow you to achieve maximum contraction of the thigh muscle. Slowly lower the weight back to the starting position. Focus on working your thighs. Hold and flex your muscles at the top of the lift for two seconds. Vary the point of your toe (inward, outward, straight ahead) occasionally. Use a slow, controlled movement and avoid swinging or jerking the weight..

Leg Curls
Lie face down on a leg curl machine and hook your heels under the padded bar. Extend your legs straight out so your kneecaps are not supported by the bench. While you remain flat on the bench, contract your abdominal muscles, flatten your back, and then bend your legs and curl them toward your "gluts" or "derriere" as far as possible. Hold and flex the muscles for two seconds. Keep your toes pointed toward your shins. Release and lower the weight slowly back to the starting position. During this exercise, avoid lifting your head or arching your back. Use your full range of motion and avoid making incomplete "reps".