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Workout Guide
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Basics of Weight Training

Tricep Dips
Hold yourself at arms' length above the parallel dip bars. Cross your legs up behind you. Keeping your head up and your body as upright as possible, slowly lower yourself until your arms are bent to a 90 degree angle. By keeping your body upright, you put greater stress on the triceps. If you let your upper body lean forward, the stress will shift to the pectorals. At the bottom of the movement, press yourself back upward until your elbows almost lock. Hold this position for 2 seconds. If you are able to do more than 15 reps you should consider adding resistance by adding a weight belt around your waist.


Tricep Bench Dips
Place a bench sideways and behind you. Lean your back against the bench and hold onto the edge of the bench with your hands about shoulder width apart. Place your heels on another bench. Press yourself up by straightening your arms. Stop just before your elbows lock. Slowly lower yourself as far as possible to get a full range of motion. You can increase resistance by having a partner place weights on your lap. Avoid bending your knees while preforming this exercise. Avoid letting your body slump forward.

Tricep One-Arm Extension
Sit on a bench or chair. Hold a dumbbell in one hand. Extend your arms so the weight is over your head. Keeping your upper arm and elbow stationary and close to your head, lower the dumbbell in an arc behind your head. Feel the triceps stretch as far as possible and then press the dumbbell back up to the starting position. Finish your set working one arm only and then repeat the movement with the other arm. Keep your shoulders squared facing forward and control the weight at all times.

French Press with EZ Bar
Grasp an EZ-curl bar on the inside (about 12" apart) using an overhand grip. Extend your arms out directly over your chest. The bar should be positioned straight ahead of your eyes. While keeping your elbows stationary and held closely together, lower the bar to your forehead. Keep your elbows pointed upward as you lower the bar. Press the weight back to the starting position with the bar over your head, not over your chest. Avoid locking your elbows and arching your back.

Tricep Press Downs
While standing, grip a press down bar with your palms facing down and your hands about eight inches apart. Keep your upper arms tucked into your body throughout the exercise. Begin with your forearms touching your biceps and press the bar down in a semicircle until your arms are fully extended. Squeeze the triceps as you extend. Return to the starting position. For variety, you can use a reverse grip. Avoid raising your elbows or pulling them away from your sides..

Tricep Kickbacks
Bend at the waist to a 45 degree angle. Lean one hand on a bench for support. With the other hand, take hold of a dumbbell. Keeping your upper arm stationary and elbow tight against your body, straighten your arm by moving the weight backwards, behind your body, until your elbow locks. Hold momentarily and squeeze the tricep muscle. Slowly lower the weight back to starting position. Repeat. Finish your "reps" on one side before working the other arm.